16 Upcoming Web Design Events You Shouldn’t Miss in August 2015


We’ve listed down 16 upcoming web design events worth to attend and enhance your web design and development knowledge.Learning is an on-going process that begins from the day we are born till the time we breathe our last. No matter whichever field you are in, there is an urge that pricks you to learn new things. There are lot more ways to learn new things and to keep … [Read more...]

myWebRoom.com Review – Visual Bookmarking at Its Finest


myWebRoom.com is an interesting visual bookmarking and content discovery platform from Rooms Inc. that promises users a unique way of keeping all their online interests into one, personally curated online room. After a few days of using the platform myself, I can only agree that My Web Room is an absolute gem for the organized individual and that it helps users make their own … [Read more...]

Styleguide- New Tool Aims to Create and Maintain Styleguides Easily


Styleguide is a tool that lets you create and manage your own style guides.In today’s technologically advanced era where everything seems to be going online, we have turn out to be so addicted to the web world. Go online to reach the masses and spread the word about the brand/company. From a designers’ point of view, they are following the latest design trends to come up … [Read more...]

RightFont- New Mac app Makes it Easy for Designers to Manage Fonts


RightFont is a new mac app that helps the designers to manage and find the right font easily and quickly.Fonts are exceptionally valuable resources for web and graphic designers. Fonts not only add a crisp to their designs but can give the more interesting look to their creativity. If we look around the web we can see a variety of fonts is available that not only helps the … [Read more...]