Fresh Tools of the Week: CSS Buddy, Spread and more

January 17, 2015

We categorize tools, apps, websites, plugins, and JS libraries into the same category that is useful resources. As competition is increasing, the figures to offer assistance in the form of resources are increasing too. What if on the off chance you get to know all these useful resources are available at one place? There is no need to hunt the web further, to discover each and every tool to make the pick. Continue Reading…


20 Useful Resources for Front-end Developers

January 15, 2015

If you are a front-end developer, you need to keep an eye on latest trends in the industry and to adopt them in order to rise as a successful individual. As, enormous number of resources are available out there that ensure the users to get their job done without any hassle. Indeed, tools, websites and apps are the resources that claim to help the individuals to complete their tasks effortlessly, in fairly much lesser time and give the simplicity of work process. Continue Reading…


Fresh Tools of the Week: Fontello, Icono and more

January 9, 2015

(Image Courtesy of Fireart Studio)

Another weekend and BytesWire team is back with another compilation of fresh tools of the week. We are seeing lot of progress in the design profession, as designers and developers are playing their part either by releasing fresh tools, apps or resources or by lending a helping hand in the form of tutorials to overcome the hurdles of newbie designers, thus enhancing the productivity. As there are an immense number of tools tolling out every day, it has become very easy for the users to make best use of them in getting the job done. Continue Reading…


jQuery Wrapper for ZingChart Charting Library

January 8, 2015

HTML5 charts built with JavaScript are an effective way to add interactive charts and graphs to your apps and sites. But if you prefer working in jQuery to JavaScript, your options can be limited. In order to address this, the team at ZingChart developed a wrapper (or plugin) to use their charting library with jQuery syntax. Now you can use jQuery to quickly and easily build charts with all the cool features of ZingChart. Continue Reading…

Resources, UI/UX

20 Essential UX Tools

January 6, 2015

Image Courtesy of (Alan (R3DO) Rodríguez)

Technology has entered into every circle of our life. Every time we create something new, over the long haul it is envisioned to be used by somebody. In-case the whole project or a part of it doesn’t fill the needs of users then what’s the purpose of wasting time on it? This is the point at which user experience can prove to be useful. Continue Reading…


Fresh Tools of the Week: snabbt.js,Bootsy and more

January 3, 2015

(Image Courtesy of JianiLu)

The new year 2015 is just on the go and we all are expecting some fresh tools, apps and resources for web designers and developers as well. With the advancement of digital technologies, the requirements of the users are also  growing continuously. On the daily bases, thousands of apps, tools and websites are emerging and becoming a part of the industry.
Continue Reading…


20 Best jQuery Plugins from December 2014

December 31, 2014

jQuery Plugins are used to extend jQuery’s prototype objects. With these extended prototype objects you can enable all jQuery objects to inherit any method you add. There are thousands of jQuery plugins  being created every day and are becoming an important part of the world of designing and development. Continue Reading…